Afghan Government indicted Ex-Minister of Communication and Information Technology over mobile tax collection embezzlement


A special court convened to try the former cabinet minister charged with corruption on 02/07/2018. According to prosecutors, Abdul Razaq Wahidi has been accused of embezzling 16 million Afghani (USD228000/-) during his tenure. Illegal recruitment is another part of these allegations. The accused minister vehemently denies the charges and calls it a drama staged by the Government. Abdul Razaq Wahidi, ex-minister of Communication and Information Technology, was suspended over charges of corruption two years ago; however he was cleared by the Attorney General’s Office of Afghanistan on January 2017. A day before the trial began Shah Hussein Mortazawi, the Deputy Spokesman for the President of Afghanistan, said that it was the first time that in anti-corruption efforts, a cabinet member was tried by a special court.