About us

Legal services and the legal profession have a long history in Afghanistan. Indeed, the right to counsel was first enacted into law in 1964 when the then Afghan Constitution for the first time included the right to defense counsel. The profession and the entire justice system faced severe challenges during subsequent years of civil war and the Taliban era when the sector was heavily controlled and influenced by the parties in power. Against this background, the post-Taliban era started with an enormous need for legal reform and for strengthening the rule of law in the country. Since that time the justice sector of Afghanistan has undergone transformation, as Afghans with active support from the international community tried to strengthen Afghanistan’s legal institutions. As a result, the number of defense lawyers has elevated from approximately four hundred to several thousand today. At this instant, independent legal services and defense attorneys are well understood and appreciated as an essential and integral part of the rule of law in Afghanistan.

However, the development of professional associations to monitor and ensure the qualifications and professionalism of law practitioners has not kept pace with this rapid jump in the number of legal service providers causing concerns among both local and international clients. In response to this vital concern, Shajjan & Associates has established itself as a prominent independent law firm throughout the country since 2011. Our practice includes legal counseling, strategic planning, litigation, legal drafting and capacity building as well as pro-bono legal work. We are dedicated to providing prompt, efficient, ethical and professional advice and representation to our clients.

Attorneys at Shajjan & Associates are licensed by the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association. They possess excellent legal knowledge and outstanding professional skills that have been enhanced by involvement in a variety of legal matters in national and international venues. Our attorneys hold degrees from leading Afghan and U.S. law schools. The opportunity for our lawyers to study abroad and to participate in international proceedings has afforded our institution a deeper appreciation of the law as a profession and the special nature of the attorney-client relationship. We are dedicated to providing professional services consistent with experiences and expectations of our sophisticated domestic and international clients. The unique qualifications and experiences of our team place us among the most trusted names in the legal services industry in Afghanistan and around the region.


Shajjan & Associates is dedicated to protecting interest of its clients. We employ the best professional and technical resources and commit ourselves to the highest ethical standards and fundamental values of respect for the rule of law in order to provide the most effective and efficient experience for our clients.