Ahmad Farid Arabzi
Affiliated Counsel
  • Master of Public Law, Islamic Azad University Kabul.
  • Bachelor of Law, Kabul University

Ahmad Farid Arabzi

Mr. Arabzi is licensed (No. 84) by Afghanistan Independent Bar Association; he is one of the leading attorneys in the country. Mr. Arabzi's has extensive practice experience in various areas of law with his current focus primarily on commercial litigation.

Mr. Arabzi has successfully defended cases of various nature including but not limited to Criminal, Civil, Commercial and National Security related matters as well as Drug Trafficking and Corruption before courts in Afghanistan. He has represented high profile Afghan politicians as well successful Afghan businessmen over the years.

He holds a Bachelor of Law and Political science from Kabul University and a Master of Public Law from Islamic Azad University Kabul.

Mr. Arabzi has contributed to the board of Directors at Afghanistan Justice, and Human Rights organization as well as advised the Europe Foundation in Afghanistan. Moreover, he has also provided advisory services to Afghanistan Human Right Commission on matters related to victims of human rights abuse.

Mr. Ahmad Farid Arabzi, as a member of the committee, has contributed significantly in drafting the Criminal Procedure Code 2014. With more than 15 years of expertise, Mr. Arabzi is the leading voice, focusing on justice and human rights.