Local & Global Reach

We have established good working relationships and have first hand experience handling matters throughout Afghanistan. We handle work anywhere, even in remote areas with the most difficult environments.

In addition to our national coverage, we also have experience handling cases with international elements. For that reason, Shajjan & Associates has established excellent professional relationships with major international law firms and consultancies in the U.S., Europe and throughout the globe. Our firm is a member of IR Global, which is the fastest growing professional service firm network providing legal, accountancy and financial advice to companies and individuals across 150 jurisdictions throughout the globe.

The U.S. Embassy, the British Embassy and the Canadian Embassy in Kabul all have included Shajjan & Associates in their official referral lists and their websites references.


Protecting our clients’ interests, resolution of disputes in a timely and efficient manner, and compliance with the law are the reasons we exist as an organization. At Shajjan & Associates, we employ the best professional and technical resources and commit ourselves to the highest ethical standards and fundamental values of respect for the rule of law in order to improve our legal services and provide the most satisfactory, rewarding, and beneficial experience for our clients.