Saeeq Shajjan
Founder & Managing Partner
  • LL.M. Harvard
  • LL.M. Pune University
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Kabul University

Saeeq Shajjan

Saeeq Shajjan is licensed by the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (License No. 153) to practice law and appear before all courts in Afghanistan. He is also one of the few qualified and appointed arbitrators by the Afghanistan Center for Commercial Dispute Resolution of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Mr. Shajjan has over 14 years of hands-on experience in counseling and litigation. His area of practice includes corporate services, contracts, criminal law, banking, taxation, labor and employment, property law, citizenship law, traffic law, constitutional law, Islamic law and human rights. A substantial portion of Mr. Shajjan’s practice in such areas involves representation of foreign and international contractors; international organizations; and foreign diplomatic missions in Afghanistan. He has written various reports and legal opinions for international clients and leading foreign law firms on the applicability of Afghan laws and procedures in cases before foreign courts. He has been recognized as a prominent expert of Afghan law and has provided expert testimonies on different issues of Afghan law to courts of various jurisdictions and has appeared in person before the courts in the U.S. and the U.K. He has also represented several clients as a co-counsel in international arbitration cases.

In addition to his extensive law practice, Mr. Shajjan has far-reaching experience in working on rule of law projects and capacity building in the legal profession in Afghanistan. He has trained Afghan judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and young graduates of Afghan law schools from across Afghanistan. He has also worked for the Government of Afghanistan as Senior Advisor on Policies and Legislation with the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC).

Mr. Shajjan holds a Master of Laws from Harvard Law School, a Master of Laws from University of Pune, and a Bachelor of Laws from Kabul University. During 2009 and 2010, as an LL.M. candidate at Harvard Law School, Mr. Shajjan distinguished himself as a leading scholar by joining numerous academic panels in the United States and speaking on different issues, particularly the rule of law in Afghanistan. He spoke at Harvard Law School, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Boston University Law School, La Verne College of Law, Williams College, Simmons College and Walker Institute of International and Area Studies. Mr. Shajjan continues his promising efforts in advocating for rule of law and building up a legal profession that is of globally accepted standards in the country.

Mr. Shajjan has been an active voice on Afghanistan legal and political issues and has been interviewed and quoted by numerous local and western media outlets. He teaches in Afghan private law schools on a part time basis as well.