Sayed Jalal Shajjan
Senior Research Consultant
  • MSc degree in Anthropology and Development London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Sayed Jalal Shajjan

Sayed Jalal is a development expert focusing on Education, Good Governance, Rule of Law and Social Development.

Sayed Jalal served as an Afghan consultant on legal issues in setting up Afghanistan Railway Authority with US Department of Defense (US DoD) in mid-2012. Before his involvement with ARA, he served as a Program Manager at the Investment promotion department of Ministry of Mines. He led a team of experts in Sheberghan conducting feasibility study for the establishment of first ever compressed natural gas (CNG) development project in Afghanistan. In 2009 Sayed Jalal aided the Private Sector Development Department (PSDD) on Small Medium Enterprise Development Strategy as an advisor and also as a core member of SME development strategy team.