Capacity Building

At Shajjan & Associates, we understand well the importance of standard legal knowledge and modern practices for both practicing and non-practicing lawyers at any level that can make them move together towards a more functioning judicial system. We believe in this and work for it. Our attorneys have been trained and worked in prestigious law schools and legal institutions that has helped them gain a better command of law both in theory and practice. Utilizing their rich knowledge and expertise, our attorneys design, develop, organize and deliver trainings on different legal subjects as well as legal research and writing to a variety of audiences from law students to practicing lawyers.

Our attorneys have successfully delivered numerous legal trainings and workshops for law and Sharia students as well practicing lawyers and government officials. The high quality and standards of our training’s materials and methods have been our win in our growing practice in this area. The quality of the trainings delivered by our attorneys has been a direct result of the quality education they received together with the hard work they put in place while doing trainings.