Shajjan & Associates is regularly consulted by international organizations, international companies, diplomatic missions and individuals on property law issues in Afghanistan. The scope and depth of our expertise has enabled us to assist our real estate clients with legislative and regulatory issues regarding various property law matters including land acquisition, commercial property transactions, long and short-term residential and commercial leases and general landlord and tenant relations as well as assistance with relevant dispute resolutions and court litigations.

Shajjan & Associates is the first firm in Afghanistan that successfully facilitated the transfer of ownership of a real estate in Kabul from an Afghan individual to a well-reputed international organization operating in Afghanistan. We have also successfully facilitated the transfer of the title of another real estate in Kabul from an Afghan individual to a diplomatic mission in Afghanistan. Under the law on Selling of Real Estate to Diplomatic Missions, diplomatic missions in Afghanistan cannot purchase real estate directly from Afghan individuals. The title of real estate should first transfer to the government of Afghanistan and then the final title transfer should take place from the Government to the concerned diplomatic mission. In the latter case particularly, Shajjan & Associates has completed the entire transfer including its tax-exemption related part successfully and timely, which is often very complex and time-consuming.