Shahrzad Shamim
  • Bachelor of Law Kabul University

Shahrzad Shamim

Shahrzad Shamim is a licensed attorney by the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association. Ms. Shamim holds a Bachelor Degree in Law from Kabul University, Faculty of Law and Political Science.

Ms. Shamim joined Shajjan & Associates in mid-2014 as a Junior Associate. Based on her excellent performance, she was promoted as an Associate in late 2015. Since then, she has been appearing before courts on regular basis providing legal representation to various local and international clients. Her practice areas focuses on commercial law, civil law, labor law and she also works on family law and human rights cases on pro-bono basis. In addition to her practice, Ms. Shamim has been independently in charge of several key projects at Shajjan & Associates.

Ms. Shamim worked as a Legal Advisor with the Ministry of Interior, E-Tazkira Department in 2013. She was an integral part of development plans, policies, strategies, rules and regulations for distribution of E-Tazkira in this Department.

Ms. Shamim participated as a prominent young leader in the Young Connectors of the Future Program (YCF) which is an intercultural leadership program in Stockholm that aims to lay a foundation for dialogue, mutual understanding and knowledge sharing among young leaders from South Asia. During her bachelor studies at Kabul University, Ms. Shamim attended numerous long and short term legal trainings that include among others, an intensive four-month training for young lawyers on practical legal skills by the Global Rights in collaboration with the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Kabul University.