What Makes Us Different?

We believe that in order to better serve justice, further strengthen the rule of law, there is a need to establish a consistently enriched and comprehensive professional relationship among all public and private actors and stakeholders in the judicial sector. Based on this belief, we constantly develop and enhance our professional network and access throughout the country and internationally. We work hard to maintain excellent professional relationships with justice sector officials and with governmental and non-governmental institutions through our professional and standard practice which has always added to our success in the legal services industry.

Additionally, in our recruitments we always strive to employ attorneys with rich professional and academic backgrounds both in local and international contexts. Taking into account the nature of the majority of legal issues in Afghanistan – most of which involve both national and international elements – we constantly consider this capability while recruiting. Most of our attorneys studied in both national and international legal systems and this has given us an excellent command of national and international laws and legal systems as well as an enhanced appreciation of the expectations of our international clients.